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Originally posted by silentdragon48
(kinda garbled, but open it up in word and it seems fine, is that odd?)
No, not really odd, but I'd be EXTREMELY careful opening ANYTHING up in Word. It has been known to take plaintext files (such as your startx script) and mangle them beyond all belief. Then again, so have Notepad and WordPad. If I were you, I'd use a Linux text editor, they at least won't go changing the file contents without you asking them to. But if the startx script on your system is the same as what's been posted here, it should be OK.

also, something wierd, it lists the file etc/X11/sinit/xserverrc, that file doesn't exist on my system.
That should be fine. The script checks through all the settings at the top, and if any of them don't exist (like $HOME/.xinitrc for example), it skips to the next one. If neither of them exist (for example, if you had neither a $HOME/.xinitrc nor an /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc), then it would go with the default one.

However, according to what you've posted here, there is no default set up. Which is probably the problem. Add a line to the file, that looks like the following:


to set up a default. Make sure that /usr/X11R6/bin/X exists, first, obviously.

Does this sound like a need to reinstall X?
Probably not. Just edit the script by adding the defaultserver line, and that should fix it.
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