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Originally posted by junkieclown
[b]Here's a couple of things:

can you modprobe the nvidia module into the kernel?
lsmod first to see if nvidia is loaded. If not try to load it:
modprobe nvidia
wasn't loaded, with modprobe it loads just fine
Make sure the fontserver is running - and use chkconfig to have it started on boot. ::

service xfs restart
chkconfig --level 35 xfs on
Font server was not running
--will change that on next boot

Now about the monitor section: you didn't say whether you found the manual to the monitor. Did you ?
Yup, have the monitor manual, that is where those values came from.

Now the mouse. This looks like it could be a problem that might produce the "FIle not found " error you see in your console.

Is your mouse USB and hooked up to a usb port?
Is it an Intellimouse?
my mouse is a USB mouse, it is a 5 button trackball with a scroll wheel. Kensiko brand if that helps (some cheapo jobby I picked up for $20 at Staples)

or to create a symbolic link in /dev to that existing device file.
eg: ln -s /dev/input/mice /dev/usbmouse
and then keep the reference to usbmouse in the X config file.
will do

Once you're done changing /etc/X11/XF86Config , copy it over /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
I personally doubt this will affect anything, based on the documentation that I have for my release of Linux, but I could be wrong. The basic Xserver info says it looks for XF86Config first, the reason for XF86Config-4 was for some compatability issues on systems running older versions of Xserver

I'll make the changes to the system and see what happens
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