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Originally posted by tryx
I have been an AMD guy for a long time now like starting with my K6-2 400 all the way up to my last one I put together which was my T-Bird 1.4 that I ran at 1.6 with a 266a DDR MB but I gave in to the big time overclocking and speed that the P4 has and put together a puter with a Epox 4G4A+ MB that has the 845G chipset with 333 DDR surport and the 533 bus and drop in a P4 2.26 that easily went up to 2.77Ghz and I got my DDR to run at 407Mhz (it is Corsair 3200 ram) an gained over 1,400 points in 3DMark2001 with my GeForce 3 200 I went form 7,300 with the AMD to 8,750 with P4 and the P4 2.26 is about the same price as the AMD 2200 plus most socket A MB don't even have surrport for it so I decided to move over to Intel for now(beleave me I didn't want to give those money hungry basterds at Intel any of my money) but I didn't want to wait for AMD anymore to catch up to them and I plan on move back over to AMD as soon as the Clawhammer comes out
Thats a mighty long sentence you have there.
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