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This is pretty important :
do this ls -l /etc/X11/X

This should be a symbolic link :
/etc/X11/X -> ../../usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86*

If you don't have this symbolic link, create it.

[i]Originally posted by silentdragon48
wasn't loaded, with modprobe it loads just fine
We're good so far...

Font server was not running
--will change that on next boot
if you did 'chkconfig --level 35 xfs on' then you already have.


Yup, have the monitor manual, that is where those values came from.
good. That's covered then.


my mouse is a USB mouse, it is a 5 button trackball with a scroll wheel. Kensiko brand if that helps (some cheapo jobby I picked up for $20 at Staples)
Kensiko --unfortunately no, that doesn't help. Offbrand , clone, "House-Brand" mice are hard to figure out. It's probably IntelliMouse or IMPS/2. And if it's not, that's going to be an fun experiment finding out what protocol to use. Here's the thing: if you get the protocol wrong the server will start but the mouse will not move or it will move erratically. However, if we have the mouse devicefile wrong, the X server will probably not start at all. Like specifying /dev/usbmouse when no such file really exists.

So, if you're using a USB mouse and not plugging it into an ps2 adapter and ps2 port then you must specify a USB devicefile in XF86Config. Pointing X at /dev/mouse will simply misdirect X to /dev/psaux. We're looking for /dev/input/mice or /dev/input/mouse -or- /dev/input/mouse0 --something that is associated with USB.

Got a PS2 mouse lying around? If you substitute that one til you get X running, then you can solve the Kensiko mouse problem (which might be your only problem) from a position of having a working X.
Isolate possible problems, attack them one at a time. Something I heard once.


I personally doubt this will affect anything, based on the documentation that I have for my release of Linux, but I could be wrong. The basic Xserver info says it looks for XF86Config first, the reason for XF86Config-4 was for some compatability issues on systems running older versions of Xserver
It won't hurt either. On the RH7.2 system around here there's a XF86Config-4 . System has an ATI card in it.

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