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Default Re: vBulletin 3.5.0 upgrade

Originally Posted by Electronic Punk
The option to disable the need to click to quick reply is in the admincp option
Yes, I found the setting, although the instructions recommend keeping it enabled:

If you enable Quick Reply, a box will appear on the showthread.php page allowing users to reply to the current thread without needing to load the full newreply.php page.

When Quick Reply is enabled, you may specify whether or not users must click the Quick Reply icon in order to start typing in the Quick Reply editor.

If you choose not to require a click, the system will not know to which post a user is replying, making both the threaded and hybrid display modes non-sensical.

We strongly recommend that you set the option to require a click if you use Quick Reply and have Threaded Mode available on your forums.
Here is a test of the quick reply feature, with the need to click the quick reply icon disabled.

I vote that we keep the setting disabled.
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