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Default Re: BSD, and AMD-64 Support

Originally Posted by shimonsha
I submit that there would be a much greater interest from the
{Free, Net,Open}BSD users if the nVidia excellent products were
supported on their platforms.

I, for one, am stepping forward and volunteer to port any and all drivers
to said operating systems. Being that my religious zeal is expressed
away from my computer, I am willing to abide by any NDA necessary.

To the best of my knowledge, there is some FreeBSD support for the
i386 mode in FreeBSD on some drivers, and that is it. AMD-64 port
is needed for the Graphics card (my 7800 will not work with the Xorg
driver, for example), and some typical politics is probably behind the
migration from XFree86 to, although I found the XFree86 driver
to run the 7800GT, but the will not.

While some BSD supports some aspects of the nV product line,
not everything is supported on all O/S.

Talked too long... Ready to do.

The i386 driver is working just fine here. (FreeBSD 4.11), but can't really comment on the 5.x and 6.x trees.
As for AMD64, the search tool is your best friend.
This has been asked and answered (countless-times) before.

Originally Posted by zander
There are technical problems with the FreeBSD/amd64 kernel that gate NVIDIA graphics driver support for this platform. NVIDIA has brought these problems up with FreeBSD developers and has been working with one of them to make reliable support for FreeBSD/amd64 technically possible, but unfortunately we can't provide a schedule for when this will be complete.

Please note that the FreeBSD/i386 driver is a native driver. It does not rely on Linux ABI compatibility features for its core functionality, but Linux ABI compatibility is optionally supported and Linux/x86 OpenGL libraries are provided to enable the use of Linux/x86 OpenGL applications on FreeBSD/i386.
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