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Default Re: Linux retarted??? I'd say yes...

Originally posted by silentdragon48
For reference here is what I'm running:
Red Hat 7.2 Kernel 2.4
CPU: AMD T-bird 1.333 GHz
Vid: Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4200

I used to run a slower setup with an SiS6326 attached to it. And I used to be able to get RH to start Xserver without a problem. Howerver, I got tired of that card and upgrading. While upgrading I had to blow away my install of Red Hat for my Windows files.

So, this is on a fresh new install of Red Hat 7.2 and Xserver just won't load. I downloaded the script and ran it and the thing told me to download 2 files: 1) NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4191.i386.rpm and 2) NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.rh72up.athlon.rpm. I went through the README.txt file too and did the install (you know rpm -ivh blah blah blah ) and it came across just fine. I tried configuring XF86Config in my /etc/X11 folder but the thing still won't run. If anyone has any helpful hints or a copy of a working XF86Config file that would be a great help.

Heck at this point I'm open to anything at all, any advice (maybe a tech. manual) would work.

If it would be of any help the next time I'm in Linux I could try to start Xserver again and copy down the error message and post it here, just let me know what will help so I can use Xserver in Linux again.
Once you learn how to install Nvidia drivers properly you'll soon learn that Linux is anything but retarded Hardest part is learning to install drivers, here's my hint: Use the tar.gz method and search for some of my posts. I'm sure I have the instructions posted somewhere.
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