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Default Re: Re: Linux retarted??? I'd say yes...

Originally posted by 3777
Once you learn how to install Nvidia drivers properly you'll soon learn that Linux is anything but retarded Hardest part is learning to install drivers, here's my hint: Use the tar.gz method and search for some of my posts. I'm sure I have the instructions posted somewhere.
Originally posted by silentdragon48
oh heavens no, I did not mean that Linux is retarted. FYI: I was writing that post at 3 am or something local time so a lot of that came out wrong. I mean that I am retarted (yes my spelling is bad) when it comes to Linux. Good lord, I love linux, especially compared to Windows, I grew up with my Dad teaching me how to use UNIX, but never how to configure or troubleshoot anything.
Has nothing to do with Linux itself being retarted, I'm just a dumbass and at 3 am, my grammar sucks.
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