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What you did was not good. Those files were renamed because of a good reason. For linux there are two (actually more ..) OpenGL implementations. One of them is Mesa/DRI and another are the nvidia drivers. Mesa/DRI is used on most non-nvidia hardware.

Both opengl implementations use the same filenames. Mesa is defaulty installed on all linux distributions. The nvidia drivers rename those mesa files because they conflict.

Because you renamed those files back to their original names you are not using the nvidia drivers for those apps and you can create big problems for other apps. What you should do is to run "updatedb" in a console. (this will take some time)

After that is complete do: "locate libGL" remove all files except libGLU.* and libGLw.*.

After that do: "locate libglx" and remove all files.

When all this is done reinstall the nvidia drivers. I let you do this because there are likely some mes a junk files left again. After all this it should work. (hopefully)
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