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Arrow Re: BSD, and AMD-64 Support


Several comments:

* There are two separate and unrelated (other than the identity of the vendor - nVidia)
The first is the nForce, the second is geForce.

* There are two platforms and three operating systems under discussion here;
i386 and amd64 are the platforms, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD are the operating

* The original design (and I belive it is still true) of the xFree86 server we are using in all these
platforms (and indeed Linux as well) calls for O/S independent binary driver. In essence
(if not technically 100% accurate) the xFree86 "drivers" (the userland program that provides
the server with specific implementation details) are supposed to be the same, regardless of
Linux, Free, Net, or Open BSD. Yes, if it is Xfree86 (or Xorg 6.8.x) running on i386 (ia32 ?)
it should be running. If it is not, it is broken. If this last statement is not true anymore than
someone screwed up. RTFM.

* There is no Graphics support for amd64 X server (whatever the petty fight xfree86 or Xorg).
I did find the recent "nvi" driver to recognize my new fangled 7800GT card, but XFr3386
is out of favor these days :-(, at least where theBSD's are concerned, and the XFRee86
CVSup server is in a coma, and no answer to e-mail either...

* Regardless, I really would like to be able to use the "nvidia" driver. It is better than the "nvi"
driver in more than one way.

* Who are "the FreeBSD developers" ? Unlike most corporations, FreeBSD does not have
designated developers. Anyone who feels like it can write code for any of these operating
systems. He/She may have NIH problems with having their code accepted into the official
source tree, but having things checked into the "official" source tree has nothing to do with
the functionality of the code. There is no certification authority I am aware of.

* FreeBSD internal dynamics aside, they have nothing to do with the many thousands of NetBSD,
and or OpenBSD users who would love to use nVidia products, even if they are not a Linus

* The platforms under discussions here do not have a central group supporting their need.
nVidia allocates whatever resources it wants to support products. The return-on-investment
rule guides their actions. Nothing wrong with that. I am actually happy to see they actually
do as much as they are doing now.

* Since I am somewhat versed in all the operating systems here, and have the resources to
support a certain amount of activity, I am offering my services to perform the tasks needed to
get all three operating systems suppored on the two platforms.

* I have not claimed there is zero support now. I do claim the support is incomplete and can be
made more complete. I further claim to have the ability, the know-how, and the will to provide
for making the missing pieces be.

In Summary: I am not bitching, complaining, criticizing, nor even moaning. I am simply offering
nVidia help in broadening their coverage.
Since the price is right, the return-on-investment argument cannot be used
intelligently to oppose my proposal.
Since I am a trustworthy person, code security argument canot be used here.
Since I have enough technical training to perform the job, the argument of excessive
support cost cannot be used here.

This leaves us with only the "since I did not think about it first, it must be a bad idea"
argument. And for this argument my friends, I have absolutely no reply!

Cheer up!
I am here to help, not topple

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