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Default And the REAL big winner of the FX's failure is...

...none other than !

This place has been hopping ever since the abysmal reviews started coming out and the forums just seem to be getting more active as each new horrible bit of FX news comes out of nVidia.

Are we gonna see the ATI forum effect hit the nVidia world? I've always felt that the ATI sites were much more active than the nVidia sites, but mainly 'cause the ATI peeps needed so much more help than the nVidia peeps.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I wonder. :hmm:
[SIZE=1][I]"It was very important to us that NVIDIA did not know exactly where to aim. As a result they seem to have over-engineered in some aspects creating a power-hungry monster which is going to be very expensive for them to manufacture. We have a beautifully balanced piece of hardware that beats them on pure performance, cost, scalability, future mobile relevance, etc. That's all because they didn't know what to aim at."
-R.Huddy[/I] [/SIZE]
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