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Default Re: BSD, and AMD-64 Support

Originally Posted by shimonsha
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* The original design (and I belive it is still true) of the xFree86 server we are using in all these platforms (and indeed Linux as well) calls for O/S independent binary driver. In essence (if not technically 100% accurate) the xFree86 "drivers" (the userland program that provides the server with specific implementation details) are supposed to be the same, regardless of Linux, Free, Net, or Open BSD. Yes, if it is Xfree86 (or Xorg 6.8.x) running on i386 (ia32 ?) it should be running. If it is not, it is broken. If this last statement is not true anymore than someone screwed up. RTFM.
Yes... and no.
While the general design of X drivers calls for platform free design, you'll soon find yourself interacting with OS components that require platform-dependent (or rather arch-dependent) code.
More-ever, the nVidia driver are composed of three parts:
* X driver.
* Kernel driver.
* OpenGL library.
While the first and the last items *may* be platform free, the Kernel driver is both OS and arch dependent.

* Who are "the FreeBSD developers" ? Unlike most corporations, FreeBSD does not have designated developers. Anyone who feels like it can write code for any of these operating systems. He/She may have NIH problems with having their code accepted into the official source tree, but having things checked into the "official" source tree has nothing to do with the functionality of the code. There is no certification authority I am aware of.
Which makes life rather difficult for nVidia.
Again, if you accept nVidia's claim that the FreeBSD AMD64 arch is too unstable (and incomplete) at this point. nVidia is forced to sit and wait until someone decides to clear up the mess for them.
I doubt that nVidia (or any other GPU manufacturer) is willing to spent resources on fixing the OS just so they can support it.
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