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Originally posted by Smokey
You really thing the GF-FX Ultra is canned? As far as I know, the chips are already being produced, so if they are not going to release the Ultra I guess those chips will go to the non Ultra. Now if Nvidia doesnt have a high end card, I'll bet that they will be bringing the NV35 out sooner

BTW the R350 hasnt been announced yet, so we dont really know how far away it is!
And now you have a whole slew of benchmarks to see what you're scores will be if you can clock 100Mhz over stock on the core and memory of a normal FX.

Not directed at you, but at tons of posters. Why do people assume Nvidia will be able to move up the launch of a core by 4 months without a problem? If it was that easy to do, more companies would just simply bring their stuff out sooner. Think about it logically, they started development on this thing likely with a 128-bit memory controller(looking at Nv's comments on the 256-bit memory over the past 6 months make me tend to think that NV30's successor was likely still a 128-bit like Nv30) and it's target release was Fall(likely Oct going by previous Nv fall releases). Now at some point they realized it needed a 256-bit interface to compete with R300 and went and changed it(from all rumors it seems likely to sport a 256-bit bus). Now changing it mid stream and still releasing it on time would take quite a bit of any "lead time" they had (ie time waiting to release new core while the old one is taking in the high end profits). So adding the month or two of chaging the memory controller and adding it to the 4 month moveup of the launch would point me to believe that NV theorhetically could release it 6 months before they planned to. Doesn't seem likely to me as they've seen what R300 brought to the table for 6 months. Another thing, Nv30 and Nv35 have been in the making for a long time...they had certain target performance planned(forget about the 9700 for a moment). Going by past NVx5 cores, they improved performance by 20% -30%. Why do people think that they had plans for more than that with NV35? The high end of their line usually is not too far off from its clocking limit so it would remain to be seen how much higher they'd be able to clock the GFFX equivilent of the4600. Plus they're trying to do all this at TWICE the pace(ie half the time)between generations. In other words, I'll believe it when I see it, and a lot of you are setting yourselves up for the same dissapointment as the FX left.
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