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don't get me wrong... there are some valid reasons for changing a benchmark to change dominance, but it should not be hardware related. IF a larger portion of games are using the more advanced shaders, 128bit color, etc, this is the reason to put it in the benchmark. Doom is coming out with the newest generation using many of these things that give the FX dominance.... so there are some valid reasons... but even dreaming that game takes 10% of the nations sales, it's methods should not get more than 10% dominance in the scoring. Even assuming the new Doom engine spreads out to many other games providing 25% market potential... it should not get more than that potential in the bench. Yes those numbers are high, I'm kind of exaggerating a bit, but the point is those are valid reasons to up the bench specifically to one side, but they should not extend beyond the market potential of those reasons. There are very strong DirectX 9 games that use the new shaders (half between Gf4 and Gf-FX), that should also have techniques demonstrated. Those, arguably, will cover most of the advanced gaming market BECAUSE they are not card specific.
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