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Default mandrake 9 startup problem

hi all

i'm rather new to linux and after trying and failing to install (and get working) mandrake 7 a while back, i thought i'd give the most recent version of mandrake a go. it was all good except X had issues and complained about not being able to find a device. i went and grabbed the nvidia linux drivers for my gf4 ti4200 and installed them. they seemed to work and now i get that nvidia logo but then nothing happens. it pops up about 3 times then dumps me back to the console login screen. i've never ever even had a sniff of KDE or GNOME or whatever other graphical environment. isnt there meant to be some pretty GUI type login screen? preferably with a penguin... also running X from the command line results in a crummy black screen where i can move the mouse around... yay...

if anyone can help i'd greatly appreciate it. if u need more info to help me then just say the word.

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