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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Steppy, i think it's been obvious to nvidia since they saw the r9700Pro reviews that their 128bit bus isn't going to cut it. they knew by August 2002 that NV30 would fall short of r9700 for sure. hence the delays and the dustbuster. they definitely know that a 128bit bus will never stand up to R350 or R400.
I'm not saying they didn't know, but being able to switch that pretty late into the dev. cycle, AND release it 4 months earlier than they planned to seems a tad unlikely to me. Especially when an NVx5 core is usually pretty fundamentally the same as a NVx0 core is replaces. If they WERE having so many problems with ramping the .13 NV30 core high, they're suddenly gonna ramp an even more complex .13 core just a few months later? Could it be done, sure and Nvidia's got a better chance than most. Saying it and doing it are two different things though. It just doesn't seem a snap of the fingers and "relatively" guaranteed like so many seem to think.
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