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Default Okay, so we mocked the GFFX. Great. Now I'm just gonna pretend it doesn't exist...


I've seen a LOT of anti-GFFX posts and threads. I'd say the number should be said in billions, but anyway...

I don't think contributing to those threads is of any use. It was, originally, to make nVidia understand the GFFX was a flop. But now that they seem to have canned the Ultra version...

nVidia damage control theory is really quite simple. Pretend they aren't trying to get the performance crown anymore with the GFFX.
That theory makes a lot of sense, because if drivers could give the performance crown the GFFX Ultra, then the R350 would come and get it back. It would actually hurt nVidia's reputation further to pretend they had the performance crown with the NV30!

NV30, thus, has become a workstation core. It'll be nVidia's ultimate high-end, but very expensive, Quadro FX.

Now, nVidia's plan has become clear. Destroy the inventory with the GFFX Regular, and try to get a small part of the investment back using the Quadro FX.

nVidia's focus, now, is NV31/NV34 and NV35. NV31 and NV34 will probably be in stores for April, and the NV35 for June.

Okay. So what's even the use of continuing this NV30 trashing? Sure, for fun. Agreed. But I, for one, already had enough fun with it.
So, I'm going to remain out of the NV30 trashing threads. I'm not going to comment on NV30-specific issues.

But what am I gonna talk about, then?
- NV31/NV33/NV34/NV35/NV36/NV40
- R350/RV350/R400 ( without comparing them to the NV30, only to other nVidia/ATI products )
- Games
- Anything which isn't related directly to the NV30 core ( although NV3x is fine )

A while back, I said I was gonna buy a GFFX Ultra. Of course, since it's canned, I'm not going to do so anymore ( I hate preorders )
If I can find a GFFX Regular here in Belgium, I might buy it. If it's acceptably priced. Otherwise I could get a NV31, or wait for my GPU upgrade until the NV35.
No matter what, *IF* I buy a GFFX Regular, don't expect to see me talking much about it. One post, maybe two, not more.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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