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Default Re: BSD, and AMD-64 Support

Thanx for the info but I already know most al of this.
I apologize for the delay inmy reply; From time to time I have to refrain
from typing much (too painful).
I am sorry again for failing to make my point clear. Let me try one more

* I expect nothing additional out of nVidia. I volunteer to do all the
necessary work myself. What is your objection to that?

* If you do not want to help me, fine. This is a volunteer effort and you
can stay on the sidelines. No hard feelings.

* You keep talking about FreeBSD. There are 2 (two) other operating
systems, that quite frankly are more interesting to me: NetBSD and

* You may not know how to make a video driver O/S-neutral. This is
to be expected. I will not be surprised if the nVidia engineers do not
know either. That is fine too. In neither case is it a mark of a weak mind.

* But, I know, and I am willing to do it for free.

* Waiting for FreeBSD to stabilize is more dreamy than waiting for Linux
to stablize, and yet theLinux driver is useful.

* Lack of audience is a silly argument in this industry. This is what my
"superiorts" at Intel said of Linux.

* What is your definition of "stable" I am running FreeBSD on several
machines here, along with OpenBSD. They never crash. Yes, never.
And one ofthem is RELEASE_6. I do shut some of them from time to
time as they are experimental, and I need to test new kernel features
I add.

* Provide Apple and Lettuce, and the deer will come. I am not trying to
make a financial case to nVidia (which probably is not listening to a
single word here :-), just an apeal for a favor: "Let me help myself and
it will help you too. Since it will cost you nothing, what do you object

I hope I made py point clear.

Shana Tova!
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