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I just love saying again and again what my guess for the NV35 is
This guess is based on combining several rumors, and when any contradictory information existed, the most reliable & recent information was taken.

Also note that this is the high-end specs, and a low-end NV35 ( probably around $299 or $349 ) will probably be released at the same time.

- 625Mhz core using TSMC's 0.13 Low K
- 500Mhz+ GDDR-II with a 256-bit memory bus
- bug fixes ( most bugs gone ) and optimizations ( resulting in very slightly increased per-clock efficiency )

And here's a few things which are really nothing more than guesses, and pretty much come straight from my wistlist:

- CineFX 2.0. ( including *static* branching in the PS, thus there's only Dynamic Branching left to support to get PS3.0. support )
- Intellisampling 2.0. ( including AA Gamma Correction, better AA patterns and an intermediary ways to do Aniso )

The NV35 will crush the R350, but be in stores about 2 months after it, too. The R400 should also come a few months after the NV35. It's expected to retake the performance crown, but nothing is certain just yet.

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