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Originally posted by MikeC
Hi Uttar,

Don't be so hard on yourself. Your a great guy and I hope you continue to contribute to the forum.

As for NVIDIA, they got what they wanted with the GeForce FX Ultra. Exposure at the major web site which leads to brand recognition. What's been the most popular topic of discussion during the past couple of weeks?

When Joe Consumer goes to Dell and configures a new system, NVIDIA is looking for Joe to remember their name when choosing a graphics card.

Don't let the nay-sayers get to you and enjoy what you have. NVIDIA will bounce back.

Thanks, as I said I'll continue contributing to those forums

Well, I really don't think nVidia got what they wanted. What they wanted probably was reviewers saying both cards were *equal* - problem is, all they got is reviewers saying the GFFX is slightly worse.
Of course, any publicity is good publicity. But in this case, I really don't think it's all that good...

nVidia is looking for Joe Consumer to remember their name. It's fine with them if he remembers the name and nothing else. But if he remembers "nVidia manufactures loud, expensive and inefficient GPUs" , then they're in big trouble...

The reason I won't talk about the GFFX anymore is just that I think our job is done. nVidia cancelled the GFFX Ultra, partly because of the bad feedback. They reacted on it. We had our fun ( and I must say, it was indeed quite fun bashing nVidia for a few days )

Now, I'd just like to forget about the GFFX. I think switching to other things is a lot more logical right now.
I don't expect anyone to follow my move. But one less person not fueling the fire anymore is always better, IMO.

So, since I won't consider the NV30 anymore ( and yes, this does include the NV30GL, because I think it's way overpriced based on current performance and I'm not too positive on it either ) , what will I post about?

Well, for a few days or weeks, my post count obviously ain't gonna grow a lot. I'll be sure to speculate on NV31/NV34/NV35 once info becomes available, and I'll also post feedback on those products once they're available...
Some feedback on the R350 ( without considering performane compared to the NV30 ) would also make sense.

What would make me post more, however, is if "someone" who sent some "some info" several weeks ago accepted to say me "something" which he didn't want to say because he feared "someone else" would figure out who "he" is
Aww, I'd really like to know what it is that he didn't want to say...

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