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Originally posted by Uttar
Two things:

1. Even if the NV35 is not on time, it'll still be slightly before the R400
2. The 256-bit memory interface is one the most reliable piece of information we got on the NV35, another one which we can also be sure of is it's with Low K. The NV35 *will* be on a 256-bit memory interface: it's a fact

BTW, the less certain piece of information I said about the NV35 is the 625Mhz core. It could be easily less ( even significantly less, who knows... ) , but not more.

How are they going to add a 256bit bus to the NV35 without redesigning the entire chip? I'm not saying it can't happen but it would be highly unlikely.

My guess would be a NV30 chip with low-k tech clocked at 650/600. 256bit bus...not without a total new chip.
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