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Default RF Online! War of 3 Races!

If you want real crazed MMORPG, why dont you people try the much awaited Rising Force online?

Summary of a great game:

RF Online, a Bitter Battle of 3 Races, mainly, Accertia, Bellato and Cora. Name sounds weird to ya all eh? Let me explain the Races.

A race totally made out of Cyborgs (Hardcore gamers is gonna love this.), Accertia people are made from cloning vats then, have their brains transferred into a Foreign Body, which is totally made out of Metal. They have the Strongest Power of all Races, yet, they can't use Magic. (What bot can use Magic >.>)

Take this race as your normal average life race. This race is almost like human, they are good at adapting to situations and stuff. Bellato is the weakest among all the race, but has the potential to become one of the strongest? Why? Mainly because they excel in both Mechicals and Magic!

Think this race of people as your normal religous people. This race uses magic for anything, everything they do is with magic. Seems like Magic is everything to them. (P.S Vision Explict! Cora females wear too little clothing! >.>)

Features of RF:
You can actually mine! This great feature allows you to mine all the way at night if your going onto AFK mode! Mining is a great way to get started on your cash. You will need a Mining Machine and Some batteries!

Each race has its own special ways, like Accertia's Siege Cannon, Bellato's MAUs and Coras very own summons.

Siege Cannons are a mass of Attachment that can be added to Accertia's Launcher. The Launcher, which have the higest attack ratings in all of RF's Weaponary is only exclusive to Accertians only. This weapon, although have a High Damage rate, but with a very high reloading delay. Accertia adapt to this type of situation by inventing, the Launcher Armor, in this way, they lose most defense in exchange for Attack Speed. (Dont worry, Accertia's Launcher Armor still has lots of Defense :P.)

Siege Cannons are used for Deployment for High Power Attacks but it disables the User's Movement. During Deployment of Siege Cannon, the User can't move but will have an Increasement of Attack Speed, Attack Power and Defense.

Bellato's MAU stands for Massive Armor Unit. These unit are big, aleast 2 1/2 the height of a usual Bellato and you can think of those as 'Gundams' in RF. This units have a Crazy HP of 110k, but it cannot heal itself in Battle. The Repair cost for repairing these Units can be as high as 700k to repair one and to buy one will set you back for 1.1million. These MAU units can dish out damage so high that even if your wearing a Lv30 Armor with a high Defense shield, you will recieve aleast 800 damage. Also, there are 2 types of MAUs, mainly the Ranged MAU and the Melee MAU. Both require Ammo (Thats weird.) and of course, Ammo cost money. :P.

Cora's Summons are the cheapest thing around. They are summoned using your FP (or Rather RF's Mana Points.) These Summons will attack, Heal and do anything you want with it. These Summons can be quite annoying for the other races to kill.

Anyway, All the race will fight under this thing called the Mines. If your Race wins the mine, you get the mine all way for a whole 6 Hours! There are 3 Areas to mine in, your Mining Portal, the Middle Mining Area and the Core Mining Area.

Your Mining Portal is where you get into the Mining Map. You can mine there, but the rate is slow, around 30 seconds for one ore. While in the Middle Mining Area, you will have a faster rate of 15 seconds per ore, but be advised that anywhere in the Mining Map is a PK Zone. Although your race people cant kill you, the other race can. As for the Core, only if your race wins the war, which happens 3 times a day, with 6hours for mining inbetweens!

More info can be found at this Link: Well, Currently, the Japan RF Open Beta has just ended, you all can look forward to the upcoming UK/NA RF Open Beta OR! The RF-PH which is also going to start in Dec31. All Info will be available at!
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