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Originally posted by saturnotaku

I don't think it's the industry that's not ready, but rather the fact that probably less than 1% of computer users have monitors that are capable of such resolutions. And as such, these monitors are, for most of us, far too expensive for what we use them for. There are still plenty of monitors out there that can't do resolutions higher than 1600x1200 at refresh rates higher than 75-85 Hz.
hehe, like mine... I've got a Viewsonic A90 and it can only do 1600x1200x32 at 60 Hz refresh (maybe 72 but haven't tried that one). As I want 75 Hz refresh, that puts me at 1280x1024x32... My monitor is now over 2 years old but has held up pretty good and no reason to buy a new one now. When I do though, I'll probably go larger then 19" next time (as prices have further coem down)...
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