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Default Re: 7667 issues; black screen/ X windows crashing

Originally Posted by netllama
The bug report still shows that the 'nv' driver was the last driver used to start X, not the 'nvidia' driver. There's really nothing I can do to diagnose this when the logs don't show the nvidia driver in use.
I have been having a problem with the same symptoms as tht00. I also have a compaq presario AMD machine running ubuntu, although it is an AMD Sempron, the card is a 4200ti, and I'm running the breezy pre-release (to be a real release 3 days from now.)

As far as the log files showing nv being in use, I had this happen to me too, even though nvidia was definitely in use when the lockup occurred. I think that it is a "hard" lockup and that the filesystem buffers don't get flushed after it happens, so the log file may never get flushed. And if the log file is small enough it may therefore never get written at all. So what is seen after the crash is the previous log file from when nv was actually working. This is only a theory. However, when I set my fstab entry for the filesystem that /var/log is on to include the sync option, this stopped happening, and after booting in recovery mode the info that you would expect showed up in Xorg.0.log with nvidia showing as the driver in use.

So Tht00 perhaps you would like to try that sync option temporarily in /etc/fstab too, if you have trouble getting the serial cable thing going.

I didn't know the command to generate a bug report, so I will have to crash my machine one more time and I'll do that and include it in my next post to this thread.

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