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Default Re: Overclocking 5950U makes things slower.

Originally Posted by jimmor
ASUS 59xxxx bioses don't typically operate iaw the requirements of the Nvidia spec. So trying to use coolbits/rivatuner for overclocking can cause problems. Unlike Nvidia sec'd bioses which use three seperate parameter tables to determne 2D, Throttling and 3D levels, many ASUS bioses only use one; which is located in a completely different part of the bios. Which generally means that you are only supposed to use ASUS proprietary tools for overclocking their cards.

Probably done to ensure their customers don't overdo things !

When looking at Core Speed in Rivatuners Hardware monitor, what does it show for 2D ( desktop) and 3D (game, 3dmark, etc) activities ?
I disagree with you here. I have used either coolbits, coolbits 2, or nvtweak on my ASUS V9980 Ultra from the time I owned it. I've never used ASUS' software, I've only ever used official drivers from nvidia's site.

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