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its alright now.. i've managed to fix the problem...

if anyone else has the same problem this is what i did.
it turns out that X was actually fine and there were no errors reported in the /var/log/XFree86.0.log file. somehow, i had managed to install the driver properly. where the error was was in running kdm. in the kdm.log file it whinged about not being able to find or some such file. so in my boredom and annoyance i just went and looked where i untarred the GL part of the driver and in the usr/lib (or something like that) directory there was an where i can't remember the number but i just copied that over to the path where kdm.log wanted the file and renamed it to and then ran kdm and presto.. it worked.. so now i'm in GUI customisation bliss...

thanks for the assistance
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