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Default problem: hardware only working for glxgears and glxinfo - nothing else.

I've got the strangest problem: My graphics card (Riva TNT2 pci - 32mb) works for glxgears and glxinfo however games still use software rendering and so do all the mesa demos. This has happened since I installed the lastest drivers, and it still is happening to me even though I've removed those and gone to an older version.

At this point I have no idea at all where the problem could be (although I learned a lot trying to solve it...)

I'm not going to include any log data (since there were no errors in them) unless someone requests something - really all I'd like is a clue, has anyone heard of something like this before and can direct me to a suspect file? This linux box is quite literally my play thing and I'm more than willing to attempt hazardous solutions.
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