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Default Re: Black and White 2

Creature AI is definately dumbed down.

Now he just has a bunch of figures:

Probability of pooping on villager
Probability of pooping in field
Probability of eating villager
Probability of eating trees
Probability of harvesting trees


All these things are initially set at 50% and you can increase or decrease the probability when he is about to do them.

*BUT* what those probabilities are, the actual list of them, is predetermined.

In BW 1 it was different. E.g. your creature wouldn't even get the IDEA to eat a villager, unless you leashed him while he was hungry and had him pick up a villager. Also he wouldn't know to collect wood unless you leashed him and picked up a few trees yourself. Teaching your creature miracles was also done the same way.

In BW2 you teach your creature new stuff by simply "buying" the new skill from the tribute menu.

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