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Default Re: Overclocking 5950U makes things slower.

Grunt, there were two version of the 5950U. If I'm not mistaken, you have the first. If blueden had the SECOND VERSION, then the two cards ARE DIFFERENT. I also own a V9980U. But it is the second version, thus single slot design. Also, regardless of which OC'ing program I use, there is one option to OC- 3D. There is NO 2D option, nothing but just 3D. Even with extra cooling added, my V9980U peaked at 515/1.07 and after a while (several months) temperatures started hiking up there and games became slightly choppy when normally they weren't.

If blueden's 5950U is the 2nd version and yours, GRUNT is the first, then whatever worked for your card can be considered irrelevant. Consider yourself lucky to have a first revision V9980U, as that was the superior design. If I were in charge of ASUS back in the 5950U days, I'd would have had to versions of the 5950U- one being dual slot as yours probably is GRUNT, the other being single slot.

Anyways, I always used coolbits to oc my V9980U, and it helped to up the AGP voltage to 1.7 also. BUT, just make sure you have sufficient cooling to handle this, blueden, otherwise you'll regret it. The 5950U was never intended to be single slot, thus if your 5950U IS single slot, you'll run into cooling problems sooner than those with dual slot 5950Us would. If you are really desperate for more performance but don't want to build a new rig, pick up an AGP 6800GT. They're like $290 or less now and will offer double the performance of that 5950U. ;-) :-D :-D :-D
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