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Default A question of acelloration, openGL and anti-aliasing


I am looking at replacing my Matrox 550 with a Nvidia card. I have a couple of questions, which I think I know the answer to form other posts, but some of the answers were a little confusion, so before I pur hard currency on the line I figure I better ask.

I run my matrox in a duel head xineraman configuration. Acceloration open GL only work on the primary Head, which mean AA fonts need to be turned off. (according to the matrox bb).

I would like to run dual head(Xinerama) with acceloration on BOTH and openGL on both. From what I have read the Ge-Force 4 cards with Dual outputs will do it. Is this correct? (I am specifically looking at a GF4 MX440) aND WILL IT DO IT WITH 2 vga monitors?

Thanks for any help,

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