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Default Re: How demanding on Graphics Card is WoW?

FF cauld be a problem, i notice sometimes it gives me a headache on somesites where i switch to IE, but i doudt it will be the answer to ure problem, and i usually have it running alot along with winamp/azureus and i sit at a 50-99 at 1280x960@85hz 4xaa / 8xaf

I am thinking its either vsync or some other application.

Dont c the point in getting a GT or a GTX for just WoW...runs fine imo on a 6800GT+.

And i have spend alot of time in AV / AB grinding towards rank 14.

I cant tell much now since my account is closed, but only time i had fps issues was in AV when the full 40vs40 standing right infront fighitng it out...or near those GY Zergs (Pre 1.8)
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