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Default [UNSOLVED] DPMS+Go5200 monitor suspend,standby,off not working properly

I have searched google, this forum and many others but somehow am unable to find a solution. If anybody from Nvidia can confirm that this is a driver problem and will get solved in a future release, even then I will end my quest.
Well the problem is:
I am running Gentoo linux with kernel on a Satellite M30 laptop. It has this nvidia go 5200 graphics card. I have installed nvidia's latest driver(7676 version). Almost everything is working smoothly. However this one issue is irritating me quite a lot. I have enabled DPMS in my xorg.conf file, the log file confirms that it gets enabled. Now when I use xscreensaver or xset commands to put my monitor in suspend, standby and off modes, I face problems while resuming it. First of all, all these three states produce the same result. They switch the monitor off. That part is ok. However now when I want to work and I move the cursor of press any keys, the display doesn't come back. Only a console switch gets me the display back. Once it is back everything is normal again.
One interesting aspect is that the monitor automatically switches off if I close the lid and comes back on when I open it even though I haven't specifically defined anything in my acpid.conf file.

Pleaseeeee offer some suggestions. I am pretty sure this is a driver issue since an earlier version (6629 probably) would not turn my monitor off (irrrespective of the arguments to xset). This latest version although turns the monitor off but doesn't get the display back.

Anybody else facing the issue? I am quite hopeful that someone will surely reply (can nvidia confirm if this is indeed a driver issue).

Thanks a lot.


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