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Default Re: How demanding on Graphics Card is WoW?

Its not graphics intensive at all, just look at it. Its a great game and all, but the graphics are nothing to write home about. The poly count and text res are pretty low, no pixel shading, no bumpmapping, just a little bit of specular mapping on the ground and water. It also lacks other common non-graphics features e.g. there is no collision detection on the NPCs or player characters, and theres almost no physics in the game. All this is good for WoW since one of the reasons the game is so popular is that you don't need an expensive ninja PC to run it.

Its just that in some places the game engine seems really inefficient. Especially with lots of player characters or NPCs around. It can't be the increased poly count because the poly count on the chars is so low anyway. Its almost like its tied to the amount of traffic you are getting from the server, which is odd since network traffic and latency should not affect your visual framerate any. The game does work on a PC and a Mac, so maybe its just coded in a highly abstract manner, without any lower level optimizations.

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