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Default Re: Driver for Nforce4 in linux?

Originally Posted by malcom
is this really true ?
Yes it is.

Originally Posted by malcom
The Raid configuration I can do within the System BIOS is a dam fake raid which is controlled and handled by the OS driver ???
What kind of bad joke is this ? I really expected a true H/W Raid solution, probably not as powerfull like GDT or someone else is selling with its expensive HBAs, but at least a basic H/W Raid
True HW raid controllers are pretty expensive - here is my experience:

I started with a software RAID 5 setup with four disks and got 80
Mbyte/s. A single drive did 60 Mbyte/s, so the theoretical maximum
would be 180 Mbyte/s. Also, there is this potential data integrity
problem after power outage or a crash. So i decided to purchase a HW
RAID controller and here the story goes:

First, i bought a Promise FastTrak S150 SX4 for 180 Euro (USD 220),
but it turned out that this is actually a fake-raid controller with an
"XOR-engine", means linux recognized it as four seperate SATA controllers
(not using the XOR-engine at all). With the vendor provided closed source
binary only device driver, Linux sees the raid controller as a single SCSI
controller (making use of the XOR-engine), but the performance was just
a lousy 26 MByte/s. That garbage went back to the dealer!

Then i tried a 3ware Escalade 8506-LP for 280 Euro (USD 340).
At least a real HW controller, this time, with driver support in
the kernel, but again only 27 MByte/sec. Ok, the 8506-LP is
actually a PCI-X card that may not feel very comfortable in a
33 Bit/33 MHz PCI slot, but i would have expected at least somewhat
90 to 100 MByte/sec (133 MByte/s theoretical maximum for PCI).
Back to dealer, again.

Finally, i purchased a Tekram/Areca ARC-1210 PCIe x8 controller for
the little fortune of 550 Euro (about USD 660, including backup
battery module to avoid data integritiy problems after a black out).
This little beast is a rocket: 155 MByte/s sustained transfer rate
and the bonnie++ results are also looking awesome. The device drivers is
provided in source code by Areca as GPL and there are nice monitoring
tools (command line and web interface), but only as binaries (not too
much of an issue for me at this point in time).

You simply get what you pay for :-)

I don't regrette a single cent i spent on the ARC-1210!

Originally Posted by malcom
Ok, this fact makes things more clear for me .. thanks a lot, looks like I have to configure my S/W Raid by myself within the usual Linux tools ...
Software raid is not that bad after all - i worked with the SW RAID 5 setup
for about half a year (before starting experimenting with the HW RAID
cards). It worked absolutly stable and never had any data integrity
problems after crashes (sometimes, i'm doing a lot of kernel
experimentation - then my system may crash several times a day).


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