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Default Re: PCGamer quake4 Scans

I dont know why on earth Idsoftware or RAven doesnt allowed Bots in their games. This was one of the reasons i have quake3 always in my Hardidisk.. and play it still today ,whenever i want to test a new custom high quality made level . []. and unless the online server doesnt have the same level ,it will be impossible to really PLAY and test them online.. So bots support comes very handy , and usefull here. Once in a while when i need quick fast fps action ,i just load up Q3dm17 with a couple bots and still 5 years later of the game being released is fun.

I could care less about the 10 hour single player ,if at least they have some really solid offline multiplayer there with tons of old school popular levels. Single player is always welcome.. but its unfortunate that something like Bots is not supported anymore in their games. I think i will wait until someone from the mod community FIX the crappy engine and release something more complete for the first time ever in that engine ,that can be more representative of a complete game . Its a shame that idsoftware and their developers friends seems to think that its responsability of the community to finish their games.. QUake4 no bots and what next ? QUakewars same as Quake4 but without single player?
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