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Only hints on the mouse issue that I have are :

The erratic mouse is a symptom of using the wrong protocol. I can't guarantee there's a right one but -
If using the Kensiko plugged into a USB port , try different Protocol for the mouse
IntelliMouse or IMPS/2

Same for the Logitech plugged into USB - it's probably IMPS/2 . Some older Logitechs have their own protocol. You can turn the logitech over and find out exactly what it is. Search with term 'XF86Config' and the Logitech model 'name' in
You might even try googling with the manufacturer's part no. eg: M/N M-BE68 , which is a Logitech Pilot/First Wheel Mouse which uses IMPS/2

If you plug any mouse into the PS2 port, you have to change the mouse device to /dev/mouse in XF86Config.
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