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Originally posted by Chalnoth
I'd kind of like to see a little more evidence on this than just your statements.

But, anyway, I really do not mind closed-source drivers, as long as the company has good support. This has been quite true in the past with nVidia's Linux video drivers.

However, they really haven't done anything more than get their nForce product to work in Linux. Hopefully with the nForce2 getting more popular, they'll start some real Linux support going.
MMM; good support.... not yet, and Open Drivers have very much advantages on closed, support, quality, Nvidia will have great help from the users, more than now. And this is only useful to the users.

And Linux is an Open Source OS, born as a good Open Source alternative to Closed OS. (This is why linux is born ) and an OS with too much closed drivers will trasform in a Closed OS, for the VGA ok, but for the VGA and the MoBo NO!

This is my opinion as Open Source supporter

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