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Default Re: Jack Thompson's at it again!

Uhh... what the hell is the point of this? This guy is an absolute moron.
"Target yourselves the way you target everyone else"???? What the hell, he mentions Postal 2 but fails to mention how the game lets you KILL THE MAKERS OF THE f**KING GAME WHEN THEY FIRE YOU!!

This doesnt even make any sense... if someone creates a game like this he will just bitch and complain about the violence anyway even though he's the one who asked for it.

I actually agree that violent and unstable kids could get ideas and possibly even training from violent games (I have learned a lot from them myself) but hes a complete idiot if he thinks that they are the CAUSE of any significant amount of violence. And id put money on it that more people are saved by having games to play (rather than be out acting like psychos in real life) than they are killed... he brings up a few horrible stories throughout 30 years of video game history and to him that justifies censorship of one of the leading forms of art\entertainment in the world. Get your head out of your ass Thompson... you dont know "Jack" (pun intended)

EDIT: Oh and Magus, you severely misquoted him in your post... the game he wants people to make is NOT about killing family members. Its about a kid that kills a boy in a way that is similar to a game, then gets sent to jail and then the father of the boy seeks revenge on the gaming industry for "making" the kid kill his son. He then kills game developers with names similar to real people (isnt this considered a threat?) and then kills their lawyers. Still retarded, but its not what you posted

heh... sorry for all the edits
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