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Default DUAL Nvidia cards - under Solaris 10!!!

OK, I am greedy. but hey - if you've got it, use it...

I've got a pair of Nvidia graphics cards in my system. an FX5200 on the AGP port, and an MX4000 on the first PCI port. I have a fully patched installation of Solaris 10x86 on this box.

I've configured Xorg to work rather nicely with my two cards, and now I've got a shiny lovely Xinerama desktop spanning both screens.

All well and good, I hear you cry? Well - this is where trouble enters our idyllic paradise...

All is good using the standard "nv" drivers that come with Solaris. As soon as I try using the "nvidia" drivers, all hell breaks loose. (OK, OK - only the AGP graphics card works, not the PCI one. Not exactly all hell breaking loose...)

I've followed the instructions given for getting one single card working on my machine, and then tried to double it up - so running update_drv for both the card addresses (referring to the instructions from gireeshbhat at 06-20-05 03:51 AM) but I still only get just the one screen (AGP) waking up.

Can anyone help me out here?
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