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Default FEAR MP Benchmark Help

I'm thinking about upgrading my system and was wondering if I could get some of you to help me with some FEAR MP Benchmarks so I can see what a new system would do for me.

What I'm interested in is benchmarks for a Single 7800GTX on an AMD 4000+ and a Pentium 4 3.4 GIG (650 or 550), of course a 3.6 GIG is fine too. In fact any would be appreciated. I know there was another FEAR Benchmark thread but I'll put my settings in this one so you can run them the same way so I can compare directly to how I usually play.

I tend to play without AA and low levels of Anisotropic Filtering to keep the FPS up in demanding games and FEAR is certainly one of those, or at least it is on my system. So if anyone is interesting in helping me out I'd really appreciate it, Thanks in Advance.

Here's my system specs and my settings and results.

Pentium 4 Northwood 3.4 GIG Processor
ASUS P4C800-E Motherboard
eVGA 6800GT
2 GIG Kingston ValueRAM (4x512)
Audigy 1 Sound Board
Nothing is overclocked

Thinking about two different systems.

Intel P4 650 3.4 GIG, ASUS P5GD1, 7800GTX.


AMD 4000+, ASUS A8N-SLI Premium, 7800GTX.

Here's the way I've been playing FEAR.


Physics: Maximum
Sound: Maximum
Effects: Particle Bouncing: Maximum
Effects: Shell Casings: ON
Effects: World Detail: Maximum
Effects: Corpse Detail: Maximum

Effects: Effects Detail: Maximum
Effects: Model Detail: Maximum
Effects: Water Resolution: Maximum
Effects: Reflections and Displays: Maximum
Effects: Volumetric Lights: ON
Effects: Volumetric Light Density: Medium

Light Detail: Maximum
Enable Shadows: ON
Shadow Detail: Maximum
Soft Shadows: OFF
Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 4x
Texture Resolution: Maximum
Videos: Maximum
Pixel Doubling: OFF
DX8 Shaders: OFF
Screen Resolution: 1024x768
Shaders: Maximum

I ran the benchmark 4 times and here's the results.

Beta Driver: 81.84


Min: 35 35 35 35
Avg: 60 59 59 60
Max: 119 123 119 124


Below 25 FPS: 0% 0% 0% 0%
25 to 40 FPS: 12% 13% 17% 11%
Above 40 FPS: 88% 87% 83% 89%
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