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Default Re: A bunch of *worrying* new Oblivion screens

Originally Posted by msxyz
Sorry, for opening another thread about this game. But recent events in the past few days have made me dramatically change my opinion about this game.

Since the official forums seems to be overrun by blind fanboys at the moment (only a minority is really saying flat that they don't like at all what they've seen), I bring the case to you and let's see if my opinions are just the product of a lunatic.

These are new ingame pictures taken recently from the PC version of Oblivion by a Russian gaming site:

Even if some looks decent, graphically wise, Oblivion is a big letdown from me and I'm not so sure I want to dip into it.

After seeing this:

I wonder if this is a truly "next gen" title with graphics that look on par with the 3 years old Morrowind. From a year 2k5 game I expect much more. The texture resolution is shameful.

The textures alone are 50% of the graphics immersion factor. You can have low poly meshes, simple shading but a detailed texture is what turns a bunch of triangles into a credible object. Having detailed textures is foundamental in a game with a first person perspective as the camera can get very close to the meshes thus the surfaces detail will get most of the attention from the eyes of the player.

PS: At first some people wondered if the game was run at low settings on an outdated PC, but it looks it's not the case: P4 3.4 GHz with a 6800U 256MB 2 GB of RAM.

Perhaps those "fanboy" are just fans of the Elder Scrolls series and graphics are pretty low on thier list on whether Oblivion will be good or not. I have been playing TES since Arena was released (~11 years), and it was never about the graphics that got me excited about these games, it was all about the gameplay and freedom. In my opinion Bethesda does just fine in the graphics department, Daggerfall wasn't even upto par in the graphics realm when it was released and it was still a kick butt game.
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