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Default Re: *** Official F.E.A.R. Feedback Thread ***

Originally Posted by Superfly
Speaking from a 6800 point of view I have fantastic performance without AA at max settings except for SS.

Enabling even 2xAA halves my minimum framerate and drops the average by 15FPS, my point being if you want on average of 60FPS at max settings you have to leave AA switched off (Sadly).

Still it looks fantastic even with the jaggies, I think you need SLI for MAX settings + AA - In fact I know you do.
In order to have smooth as glass gameplay, I had to change my settings around to a point where I was getting 55-122-314 min-avg-max fps. Anything more demanding than that resulted in visible chop in certain areas. These settings were 1024x768, everything max, soft shadows off, 2xAA 8xAF. Using 78.03 drivers, btw.
The game is not very well optimized. Some scenes are just ridiculously complex for no reason. Also, what's up with slowdown when a lot of glass windows are in view.

Edit: above fps numbers are with AFR. SFR gives about 30% lower numbers. Certain scenes were smooth with AFR and choppy with SFR, and vise versa. Some scenes had twice the framerate (Fraps) with AFR compared to SFR, but SFR would look and feel smoother.
Weird stuff.
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