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Default Re: A bunch of *worrying* new Oblivion screens

Originally Posted by lumpyhed
Do you really think a russian could afford the spec to run it on full. Those are clearly low detail settings because if you go look at the official shots they have all the goodies present.
I'm russian, and I can afford it. And your theory goes out the window. Durak.


edit: Imo, equating Morrowind visuals with Oblivion visuals is pretty silly. The sheer amount of tech that goes on in the Oblvion engine is quite impressive. The lighting system is light years ahead of Morrowind, as is the shadowing system (real-time dynamic soft shadows? ), pre-baked radiosity, hdr. The textures are also pretty good, especially considering the scale of the environment (dynamically generated forest, 12 sq mile procedurally generated terrain? ). Morrowind's textures were sub par at the time, and today look completely awful.

PS #2: Does anyone remember the S3 Savage 2000 demos? Specifically the one for S3 Texture Compression? That was the first time I saw the benefit of larger than 256*256 texture sizes, and I remember being amazing at the detail that full 2048*2048 texture resolution afforded. We are finally seeing 1024 and 2048 texture sizes rendered in real-time at acceptable frame-buffer res. The high res fearfactory texture pack uses 2048 and 1024 character textures, and the results are stunning. Anyone remember Q2 textures? Lol its like looking at a 3 color blur now adays. Red, Brown, and Grey
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