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Default Re: A bunch of *worrying* new Oblivion screens

Originally Posted by ST:DS9
Heck, If I am remembering right: Daggerfall came out when every top tier game was on Windows 95 and was 3D accelerated, and Daggerfall was a DOS game with no 3D acceleration, though they did have 3D characters instead of 2D. Bethsoft always did seem to be slighly behind the time in the graphics department. But that never stopped the TES games for being the RPGs of the year.
Daggerfall wasnt that far behind in the graphics department... not even close

It came out in 1996, the same year Quake was released (which was software-only out of the box... no hardware acceleration present). Quake was the most advanced FPS game at the time (by far) so it obviously had a leg up in graphics department (mostly because of the good lighting and the full-3d engine that used real animated models).

Daggerfall was pretty much on par with the rest of the games out at the time (remember, we're talking about the year Diablo came out)... it used some very nice textures and sprites with some great weather\fog effects and a good draw distance, not to mention a huge variety of scenery, enemies, NPCs and items. It didnt have 3d modeled enemies\characters or 3d acceleration but at the time, hardly any games did. If you had a 3d accelerated game in 1996, you most likely got it bundled with your video card.

Morrowind was also on the cutting edge of graphics when it was released. Sure it had some muddy looking textures, but overall it was one of the prettiest games around in mid 2002. It was one of the few that actually used pixel shaders (remember how much we heard about the water for soooo long?) it had realtime day\night and weather cycles. And the clouds... who could forget the clouds. Nothing to this day has even come close to the skies in Morrowind.

Considering the shear number of NPCs, enemies, items, types of scenery and little details they throw into these games, I think its amazing how well they do manage to keep on the cutting edge of graphics. Especially with reasonable developement times. If you had a team that took 5 years to release a first person shooter work on an RPG on the scale of a TES game, I really doubt they would be able to get it released in 3 years.

BTW, its good to hear that this is an alpha build of the game... and yes I already checked, its not available to the public
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