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Default Age of Empires 3 random crashes

I have done all i can and all i want to do is play my damn game as good as all my other games run. After about 5-15 mins of playing AoE 3 its jsut minimizes and i get an error report dialogue, ive tried disabling sound, minimum graphics, UNDERclocking my video card!!, reintalled the game 5 times already, removed registry entries one time and reintalled, Installed from a downloaded ISO once too, reinstalled ALL system drivers. The damn game will still not run like it is supposed to, FEAR doesnt even crash on me like some people have reported, But AoE 3 doesnt even look that spectacular which is why im surprised its crashing @ all. Anyone able to help me please. I am confident theres nothing wrong with my windows install as HL2, FEAR, Doom 3, everything else runs 100% perfect for me (even age of empires 2 lmao)
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