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Default Re: Age of Empires 3 random crashes

Got patch v1.01 and i do have a legit copy of the game, picked it up from zellers. Walsmart, zellers and EB have the game here, apparently its been out since monday or tuesday, i just picked it up on friday.
I have tested an ISO i downloaded yesterday and it works just as crappily as the retail does (no surprise there). So im stumped, i think AoE 3 is just a lost cause, ille call up M$ tomorrow and see if their so called "geniuses" can fix the problem, they should be able to after all its their OS and their game.

Well FEAR, lets just say im a little antsy to play that one though i intend to purchase it tomorrow or tuesday along with Quake 4. I always try before i buy, and always will. Ive spent too much money on crap games and dissapointment and have learned from those mistakes.
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