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Well, I thank you for your compliment, but I don't want to sticky my own thread

Anyway here are the Quake3 screenshots at 4x FSAA and Balanced

Balanced 4x 0xAF
Balanced 4x 2xAF
Balanced 4x 4xAF
Balanced 4x 8xAF
Balanced 4x 0xAF+TS
Balanced 4x 2xAF+TS
Balanced 4x 4xAF+TS
Balanced 4x 8xAF+TS

Now for my commentary. I noticed that sometimes a higher degree of AF was being used than what I specified in the drivers. To ensure accurate results I used RivaTuner to set the AF level and TS options. I also retested Quake2 at the setting of 4x/4x and 4x/2x+TS. The results were the same as before. Although there is a discrepancy in the benchmark results, the screenshots appear to be identical, although 4x/2x+TS is faster than plain 4x/4x.

I think I may test these settings in 3dmark2001 to see if the same strange results occur in D3D.
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