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Default FX 5950 and 7x.xx+ drivers problem

Hello fokes,

At the moment i am using a 5950 utd card from Leadtek (A380). Unfortunately, i can't use any forceware version beyond 7x.xx.
After installation of a new (7x.xx or 8x.xx) driver and restarting windows, the only thing i get is a blue error screen.

Leadtek awnsered to me to use the newest 'Leadtek forceware version'. I had to uninstall the old version and install the new after a reboot. A new blue screen was born. Leadtek did not respond on my second mail.

I have no idea what causes the problem. The A380 5950 is named in the list of cards which should be running without a problem. So..., who can help me out ??

Asus A7m266-D - AGP 4x
Dual AMD MP2800+
Leadtek A380 Nvidia 5950 UTD
Win XP SP1
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