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Default Re: Jack Thompson's at it again!

Originally Posted by kev13dd
But what else are we supposed to do, just stay quiet? Allow him to slander literally MILLIONS of people, while sitting idly by?
As opposed to what? Remember, the liberties we take for granted also enable men like Jack Thompson to voice their psychotic views. Yes, we SHOULD sit idly by. His crusade against games will never amount to anything. Just let the whackjob scream and yell all he wants, he's an annoyance at most.
Originally Posted by kev13dd
If anyone ever had something they love slandered like gamers do, they'd react "**** off" as well. We aren't underminding the point at all. We're just proving the same point that he makes whenever he calls us "pissants"- that violence and anger are inherant in human nature
Saying "there's more of us than you, don't **** with us" implies a forceful response no matter how you look at it. When someone is bothering you by being obnoxious the best thing to do is ignore them, not reply by being equally obnoxious. The worst thing we could do is reply with equal force because all that will do is make him that more apparent to people, which is exactly what he wants. Most people in the country have never even heard of this guy, let's keep it that way.
Originally Posted by kev13dd
Violent games didn't cause people to get upset and write comics like these- assholes did
So what are you suggesting? Should we lobby to silence Jack Thompson? Should we clutter his mailbox with hate mail? Let the air out of his tires? Smash his windows? What? What is the point of responding to this man?
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