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Default Re: Its out in Australia..

[quote=Ninjaman09]Eh? Which screenshots were you looking at? Apparently not the ones I saw...or how about the preview video? No, this game's resemblance to Doom 3 is about as close as Call of Duty's resemblance to Quake 3.
No need to be rude. I've seen as many screenshots/movies as i could find. The early Quake 4 screenshots seemed like a new game, but from the reviews on websites, all the screens and movies look exactly like doom 3. And no it is nothing like comparing Call of Duty to Quake 3. It is Doom 3 to Doom 3. To be honest most of the screenshots I seriously wouldn't be able to tell you which game is which, because they look identical.

If you could send me a link or post up some screenshots that make quake 4 look different. Please
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